BGolden on the Art of the Wedding DJ:
Playlists, Dancefloors & How to make EVERYONE Dance!

Every wedding features a unique mix of guests — a melange of families, ages, communities and cultures — many of whom are meeting for the first time. If the goal of a wedding is to weave these diverse guests into a web of love and communion around the wedding couple — there is no better place to achieve this than on a beautiful dance floor led by an experienced DJ wielding the perfect playlist.

This magical dream can be realized — with just a bit of planning and professional assistance. BGolden Productions is here to help! We have years of experience creating beautiful wedding dancefloors, using premier equipment, and a well-established methodology for helping couples to design the perfect playlist — and spinning it so EVERYONE dances in joy around them.

The process begins months before the wedding, with a detailed discussion between us and the wedding couple about the wedding venue, layout, itinerary, guest composition and musical tastes. At BGolden Productions we strongly suggest using our customized Google spreadsheet to specify the itinerary, production notes and the all-important musical playlist. This allows the couple to share any changes and new ideas to the production and itinerary, and to add songs to the playlist as they think of them, or receive requests from their friends and family.

A shared Google Sheet also allows the couple to make notes about when song might best be played: during the ceremony, at the cocktail or dinner, or on the dancefloor — including special moments, such as such as the “first dance”, the “father-daughter dance’, the “bouquet toss” and “the cutting of the cake”. Meanwhile, we at BGolden can make suggestions based on our extensive past experience in weddings, and prepare the playlist and production equipment well in advance.

Nearly as important as the playlist itself, is the sequence and flow of the list — and here is where an experienced DJ really makes a difference. For example, earlier in the evening it is usually better to play classics (1960s, 70s, and 80s) that resonate with older guests, while later in the night the music can take on a more contemporary sound for the younger set.

The more complicated challenge for weddings in San Miguel, and one with which BGolden Productions has extensive experience, are weddings that bring together diverse cultures: Mexican-American, German-Mexican, French-Columbian, Israeli-Mexican… we have seen dozens of such beautiful cultural mixes! 

We know  that, while it is important to find music that is a common denominator for everyone — disco from the 70s for example — it is also important to bring forward different music styles that resonate for all the guests, moving regularly — but not too quickly — between the genres of each culture, using songs with crossover appeal as transitions. We take pride in creating the miracle of inter-cultural dancing!

Finally, there is the dancefloor itself. Depending upon the venue, the dance space must function as a festive place for dancing, but also as a stage for speeches and centerpiece for the first dances – so lightning is essential!  And since wedding dance floors are usually near the dining area, it is important that the speakers are positioned to be loud enough for dancing but do not disrupt people sitting at tables. Finally there is the DJ booth, which should be visible and decorative enough for people to feel connected to the DJ, but not so much to distract from the real stars of the evening — the wedding couple!

The art of creating a successful wedding dance floor is without a doubt the most inspiring work that we do at BGolden Productions. We are blessed to help couples have one of the most beautiful nights of their lives – and we love our work!

BGolden Productions can help you with all of your wedding productions needs. We look forward to working with you!