BGolden on the Art of the Wedding DJ:
Playlists, Dancefloors & How to make EVERYONE Dance!

There is no better place to bring people together in joy and communion than a dance floor. But weddings pose a special challenge: different families, communities, ages, tastes and cultures. How can a wedding be sure to make everyone dance — without being formulaic — while still reflecting the vision and style of the wedding couple?

BGolden Productions can help! We bring a decade of experience creating beautiful wedding dancefloors. We have an eye to production detail, we use premier audiovisual equipment, and we have a well-established methodology for helping couples to design the perfect playlist so that EVERYONE dances in joy around them.

Ideally the process begins some months before the wedding, in a discussion with the wedding couple about the venue, itinerary, guest composition and musical tastes they want to reflect in the playlist. We record all this information in a customized Google Drive spreadsheet which we share with the couple — allowing them to easily refine or change anything, and to add songs to the playlist as they think of them. The couple can easily also make notes about when they feel songs should be played:: during the ceremony, at the cocktail or dinner, or on the dancefloor — including special moments, such as the “first dance”, and the “father-daughter dance’. Meanwhile, we at BGolden can easily ask questions, make suggestions, and prepare the playlist and production well in advance.

Nearly as important as the playlist itself, is the sequence and flow of the list — and here is where an experienced DJ makes a difference. For example, earlier in the evening it is usually better to play classics (1960s, 70s, and 80s) that resonate with older guests, while later in the night the music can take on a more contemporary sound for the younger set. To keep the early hours from being too formulaic though, we often suggest subtle remixes and mashups of classics — to give them a fresh spin.

A more complicated challenge are weddings involving diverse cultures — Mexican-American, French-Columbian, Israeli-Mexican — and here BGolden excels! We know that while it is important to find music that is a common denominator for everyone — 70s/80s disco-pop for example — it is also important to bring forward the styles of the cultures represented. Careful selection of the tracks, plus moving slowly but regularly between the genres — using songs with crossover appeal as transitions is essential. At BGolden Productions, we take great pride in creating the miracle of inter-cultural dancing!

Finally, there is the dancefloor itself. Some couples want the dancefloor to be elegant and classic, others more festive and animated. BGolden can create any ambience you desire using our premier equipment. We are also aware that dance floors often serve as the stage for special moments — such as speeches and the first dances – requiring special lighting.  And since wedding dance floors are usually near the dining area, it is important that the speakers are positioned to be loud enough for dancing but do not disrupt people sitting at tables. Finally there is the DJ booth, which should be decorative enough for people to see the DJ, but not so much to distract from the real stars of the evening — the wedding couple! 

The art of creating a successful wedding dance floor is without a doubt the most inspiring work that we do at BGolden Productions. We are blessed to help couples have one of the most beautiful nights of their lives – and we love our work!

BGolden Productions can help you with all of your wedding productions needs. We look forward to working with you!