BGolden Productions offers the BEST DJ BOOTH equipment – including Pioneer’s CDJ 3000, 2000, 700, and XDJ!

Like it or not, Pioneer has become the industry standard for DJ equipment. Most professional DJs today will request to have Pioneer DJ equipment in the booths they play. Other brands — Allen&Heath, Dennon, Rane, Reloop and Numark — also offer premier quality equipment, but Pioneer has come to dominate the DJ industry.

BGolden Productions has therefore become the largest and most complete provider of Pioneer DJ equipment in the Bajio region — offering a wide variety of options — from the newly released flagship DJ 3000nNXS, to the global standard CDJ 2000NXS2, and the more moderately priced but still excellent XDJ700 and XDJ-RX2. 

BGolden also offers the industry standard mixer for its dJ Booths — the DJM 900NXS2 — as well as a variety of computer controllers for Pioneer’s software Rekordbox, and for other softwares, such as Serrato, Traktor, Virtual DJ and DJay Pro.

Please click on our full menu of products and services for more information — but rest assured that BGolden can provide the DJ equipment you need for your event!