Livestream and Share Your Event! (The Right Way)

In the Post COVID world, Livestream and Video content for Social Media has become an essential platform for every event, venue, artist, and business in the service and culture economies. Retail stores can even do effective online video content. But in recent months there has been an overwhelming tsunami of online videos — both livestream and recorded. How can yours stand out?

The answer can be stated easily: Production Quality and Social Media Strategy. In a world where most people just point their cameras and push ‘Go Live”, you can stand out by doing it the right way. You just need to work a little bit harder — and maybe get some help.

Let’s start with Production Quality. There are two basic elements: quality audio and quality video. Quality audio requires capturing and combining audio elements through a digital audio interface and the proper use of quality external microphones. Quality video requires capturing video through HD cameras and combining it with prepared graphics (such as logos, text and prerecorded video content) — all through a streamable interface with an optimized bitrate like OBS. With this kind of audio and video your content will make an impression on your target audience and hold them for longer.

The second essential element is Social Media Strategy — which includes promotion, use of multiple platforms including some with interactive functions like live chat rooms. By posting and sharing your content properly you can increase your reach and hold audience as they enjoy your content and even interact with you and each other. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Zoom, and Youtube, all have their strengths and weaknesses — and can be combined in ways that will synergize to support your goals. But you must define those goals. Are you a gallery doing an “video opening” for an exhibition? Are you a musician or a venue trying to keep your fan-community excited and engaged? The answers to these questions should drive how you approach your strategy.
In recent months, BGolden Productions has been working hard developing our production and social media services for livestream and online video content. See an example here. We would love to share more with you about what we have learned and explore how we might help you. Please contact us anytime!