Weddings in the time of COVID (and Livestream it!)

Hosting a wedding has always been challenging — and never more than now, in the era of the COVID pandemic. But fear not, lovers! Your wedding can be as beautiful and joyful as ever. Here we suggest a few basic things you should keep in mind as you plan, and add one unique new feature to consider — the Wedding Livestream.

First, consider the number of invitees, their travel and accommodation. Weddings this year are going to be a bit smaller, and you will likely find some of your invited guests — especially those older and immunocompromised — may not be able to attend (more about them later). For those who do, it is important to suggest or provide travel and local accommodation options that will make them feel safe. Low traffic flight itineraries, private vehicle rentals instead of taxis, and apartment/house rentals instead of hotels all are likely to assuage people’s concerns.

In the same way, your wedding venue and services need to feel safe. Ensure that there is always a lot of space — ideally open-air locations — for people to social distance as they wish throughout every part of the event, from ceremony to dinner to dancefloor. Similarly, all the staff you hire must be very clearly instructed to maintain social distance, utilize PPE’s and follow safety protocols — from the planner, to catering, to entertainment. If every one of your staff shows this consideration, even your most anxious guests will notice and appreciate it greatly.

Finally, for those who cannot attend your wedding, consider Livestreaming! Ceremonies can be livestreamed beautifully, allowing anyone you want to witness that sacred moment. The Reception Party can even be interactively livestreamed — with high-quality video and audio of the First Dance, Toasts and Cake Cutting — on social media or a private channel that can include live group chat room for far away friends and family to dance along with you. We can even create a “Livestream Station” at the Reception Party — with a laptop and a large screen or projector — for everyone in attendance to easily interact with those who are watching from home. We can even help someone far away to make a remote toast to the wedding itself! So many possibilities exist with the Wedding Livestream…

With just a bit of sensitivity and creativity in the planning you can easily adapt your wedding to the current moment, so worry not. Weddings can be as beautiful as ever!

BGolden Productions can help you with all of your wedding productions needs — including the Wedding livestream. So don’t hesitate to contact us!