The importance of quality equipment: Why we like Yamaha, HK, Pioneer and Shure

The quality of sound and light defines an event. It determines how wedding ceremonies and first dances, speeches, musical performers and dancefloors all look — and sound — both for a live audience, and forever captured in photographs and video. 

While hiring an experienced audiovisual producer is essential, there is no factor more fundamental than the quality of the equipment used. Nothing can make bad equipment sound or look good. Indeed, the difference between high-quality professional AV equipment and low quality AV equipment is so dramatic that every event organizer should know how to tell the difference.

Luckily, it’s not so difficult. All you need to do is ask any A/V provider you are considering what the brand and model of the equipment they are proposing, then read some online magazine reviews.

We at BGolden Productions urge you to ask us about and investigate the brands and equipment we use — because we are proud to use the best AV equipment available in Mexico: including Yamaha, HK, Pioneer and Shure

For example, BGolden Productions uses primarily Yamaha DXR speakers for our events. Why? Check out this recent review of DJ speakers, which names the Yamaha DXR8 “The 2020 Number 1 Speaker for DJs”:

We also like German-made HK speakers — especially for DJs. For audio consoles and DJ equipment we like Yamaha again, and also Pioneer, which is the professional DJ standard. For microphones there is no better label than Shure, which we use exclusively. Check out this review of Shure:

And while you’re investigating , notice the cost of this equipment! Quality, as always, is not cheap. Luckily we at BGolden Productions do our best to keep prices affordable — even as we offer the best equipment available in Mexico!

BGolden Productions can help you with all of your wedding productions needs. So don’t hesitate to contact us!